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Small Animals

When you are going away, whether it’s for a couple of days or a longer break, don’t forget your smaller animals. I am happy to look after rabbits, guinea-pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, tortoises, fish etc in their own home whilst you are absent.

I am happy to visit your pet mornings, evenings or both, to give them the love and attention that they are used to from you.

All visits include food and water change, cleaning out, playing, grooming and cuddles, if they want them!

As well as caring for your pet, I am happy to give your house a lived-in look, by closing and opening curtains, switching lights on and off and bringing in post, putting out bins etc. If you have a pond, I can keep the fish fed and happy, and of course any medication that your pet needs will be administered. Want to know how your furry friend is getting on? Let me know and I’ll be happy to give you text updates whilst you are away.

Initial Visit

So your pet isn’t worried by a stranger in the house, I am happy to make a visit beforehand, so that you feel comfortable with me caring for him/her while you are away. This first visit is free, and is to discuss your pet’s needs, as well as to show me where things are that may be needed, such as food, treats, fresh bedding etc. If possible, this is also when I can collect a key if I will be needing one, although these can be dropped off to me at a later date if preferred. I can collect keys on a separate occasion, however additional visits will be charged for.

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