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It can sometimes be a struggle to give your dogs the care they require when you have long days at work. To help break the day up for your furry friend I am happy to visit or walk your dog, to give them some company and burn some energy too!

Whether it is just the occasional time you need me or more regularly, I am more than happy to help out, giving your dog the fuss and exercise they need.

Initial Visit

So your dog isn’t alarmed by a stranger in the house, I am happy to make a visit beforehand, so that you feel comfortable with me caring for your pet while you are not around. This first visit is free, and is to discuss your dog’s needs, as well as to show me where things are that may be needed, such as leads, food, treats etc. If possible, this is also when I can collect a key if I will be needing one, although these can be dropped off to me at a later date if preferred. I can collect keys on a separate occasion, however additional visits will be charged for.


I will walk your dogs in a group, for a minimum of 45 minutes, in a safe area away from roads. WIth permission, your dog will be off the lead, and being in the company of other dogs gives them a chance to have a play together, and burn some energy in a safe area. If you would prefer your dog to be kept on a lead for their walk that is also not a problem. I am insured for up to 6 dogs at one time.

Your dog will travel in my van, which is equipped with a dog guard and crates, for safety.

Please note, if your dog in unable to join in on a group walk, I unfortunately will not be able to walk him/her as I cannot provide one to one walks. A visit may be a better option, see below.


Visits are perfect for dogs who are unable to go out with other dogs, or don’t require a long walk, such as puppies. I can come in to let your dog out for a wee, have a bite to eat, a play in the garden or a cuddle on the sofa!

So whether your dog needs a long run, or just some fuss, I’m happy to help.

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