Memorial Page

A page dedicated to my own pets which have passed away, and those I have cared for, who will be sadly missed.

  • Bouncy was my first pet, he was a British Giant rabbit, and we got him when I was just a few years old. He started my love for bunnies, and since them we have had many more!
  • Ron was such a friendly rabbit. We got him and his brother Reggie when I was 10, and he liked nothing more than running up the stairs and jumping on the bed!
  • Sooty wasn't exactly our cat, but our neighbour's! He has in his late teens when he moved in next door to us, and ended up living between our house and theirs! We took care of him as he got older, and I would often sneak him into my room at night for a sleepover!
  • Betty was one of the first dogs I started walking. She was a lovely old girl, and we enjoyed many walks round the block together.
  • Reggie was probably the laziest rabbit I have ever had! He liked nothing more than to have a lie down for a few hours, and lived for over 10 years, our longest living bunny to date!
  • Magellan was a bunny that I looked after regularly, along with her sister Isabella. They were lovely friendly girls, who were rescued from a pet shop and given such a great life.
  • Isabella along with her sister Magellan, used to love digging in the garden and had their own burrow!
  • Coco and Chanel were the first 2 rats that I looked after. Really friendly girls who loved to snooze in their hammock!
  • Ziggy was an old girl, she liked nothing more than a cuddle and stroke on the bed.
  • Poor little Roger's life was cut short when he was hit by a car. His short time on earth was spent getting up to mischief and climbing the curtains!
  • Lady was a lovely bunny, who lived with her partner Bugs! They were spoilt bunnies and even had a catflap to go in and out of the house!
  • I used to house sit for Meg, she was a lovely old girl.
  • Here is Nero playing in the snow! I used to pop into his house and give him a fuss when his owners were at work.
  • Lina was a beautiful girl, and very very loved and spoilt by her owners!
  • Pazar was a great dog, and although she wasn't too keen on the company of other dogs at the beginning, she soon adjusted, and enjoyed going out with her friends for a walk.
  • Woolly was Lina's buddy, just like her, a very spoilt cat!